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Commercial Moving

The planning meeting and survey are the keys to a successful Office or Commercial move.

Our trained surveyors will discuss vital areas which will assist you in the planning of your business move. We will make sure that the disruption is kept to a minimum. We do this by discussing and addressing your concerns. With our vast experience of office and commercial moving we will have the solutions for what might seem insurmountable problems.

  • First contact
    First contact
  • Detailed survey
    Detailed survey
  • Tailored move plan
    Tailored move plan

During the meeting and survey we discuss a variety of items to make sure your move plan is tailored to you. These will include packing and crate rental; are you asking your own staff to pack their desk contents files; will you need help in packing files from an archive storage area; do you require us to disconnect or connect IT equipment; there maybe a requirement to move some IT before the main move so IT engineers can start installation programme, again keeping disruption to a minimum. We will also discuss vehicle access to both new and existing premises, parking facilities, whether lifts are available and if any specialist equipment is required; also today health and safety risk assessments are very important.

  • Bubble packing IT
    Bubble packing IT
  • Packing files for<br />archive storage
    Packing files for
    archive storage
  • Commercial crates
    Commercial crates

We will then take you through our packing and labelling system and assist you in preparing detailed floor plans of your new premises. Our aim is to be sure that everybody involved knows exactly what is happening and what is expected of them. This can be an emotional and stressful time for your staff and we have found over years of office and commercial moving that the involvement of your staff prepares everyone for the move and is the best way to ensure the transition from one working environment to another runs smoothly.

During the move an experienced supervisor will be on hand to oversee the entire operation. A professionally trained team can dismantle and assemble your modern office furniture and screening systems. We can also re-configure or dispose of systems furniture too.

We can also help you with an internal move with the detail and care as if the move was from one town to another; from one work station to a whole department, we can help.

  • IT relocation
    IT relocation
  • Barcoded Archives
    Barcoded Archives
  • commercial move boxes
    commercial move boxes

We have been involved in many Library relocations - from small private collections of rare antiquarian volumes through to large commercial libraries and national public institutions - often housing millions of individual titles.

Our indexing and cataloguing system ensures that books are quickly and accurately re-shelved at the new location, thus causing minimum disruption to the library's routine.

  • Packing and unpacking in rotational order
  • Dismantling and assembling of racking
  • Specialist wrapping and packing of individual items

  • archive files barcoding
    archive files barcoding
  • commercial move
    commercial move
  • office move
    office move

Porterage Hire

You can hire our fully trained staff by the day, for external or internal moves working under the direction of your own supervisors. Our staff are accredited by the British Association of Removers (BAR).

Antiques and Fragile Items

We are acknowledged experts in the care and treatment of valuable antiques. Our own skilled casemaking and crafting departments will ensure that maximum protection is provided for fragile, valuable or awkwardly shaped artefacts.

  • Specialist
  • in-house
  • crate making
    crate making

There is always a lot to organise in moving a business, but with the help of Britannia Lanes you will have a successful office or commercial move.

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