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Overseas Car Rental

Britannia Lanes partner with International AutoSource to offer international movers exclusive savings on new vehicles and long-term car rentals overseas.

expat car leasing

AutoSource has been serving the American Military, Diplomatic, Foreign National and American Expatriate community for over 60 years. They offer incredible savings, convenience and peace of mind to long term and short term movers.

For long term moves of 2 years or more people moving to the US and needing to purchase, finance or lease a vehicle the benefits include:

  • Guaranteed lowest prices for vehicles from a wide range of car manufacturers
  • Low rate credit options available even with no credit history in the US and no guarantor is required
  • Access to low rate insurance
  • Delivery anywhere in continental USA

The AutoSource program and savings benefits are only available to you while you are still overseas. You must start the program before relocating or you will not be eligible.

For short term moves of 30 days or more, anyone looking for a low cost, full service rental car program the benefits include:

  • Savings of up to 50% from the best corporate rates
  • Insurance included on every vehicle rental
  • Flat base rate ensures you save anywhere in continental USA
  • Spouse / Employee rental sharing
  • No regional driving restrictions

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Moving with Pets

Moving with Pets

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