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Branches part filled load coming from

Monday 02 October 2017 02:48

Question: Do any of your branches have a part-filled load coming from Ireland in the next few weeks? A friend has household belongings, all packed, (Furniture is flat-packed) stored in a first-floor flat in Nenagh Ireland, plus two cats in cat boxes, to be delivered to a first-floor flat in Torrington Devon. Thank you.

Answer: Good afternoon. We would be pleased to give you a quotation to move you from the Ireland to Torrington. If we are not in Ireland one of of sister companies are likely to be. The best way to arrange a quotation is to carry out a video survey with you. This is really easy, using an App through your smart phone or tablet, it saves you time and a very actuate way for us to complete a survey. To arrange a video survey please email me at Regards Mark Lane

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