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Do you pack for clients

Monday 12 November 2018 14:02

Question: Do you pack for clients?

Answer: Yes, we offer a packing service. You can either opt for us to carry out the fragile packing or for us to carry out all packing. There are a couple of benefits: Anything we pack can be insured as an individual item. If you opt for us to carry out a full packing service you can live quite normally up until the day before the move, as we will in most cases pack everything in one day, where most customers carrying out their own packing will normally start the process a few weeks in advance of the move. My surveyors will calculate the number of boxes to be packed and quote for the fragile and non fragile separately. The cost per box of fragile is £11.40 inc vat per carton and £9.00 inc vat per carton of non fragile. I hope this is of help. Regards Mark Lane

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