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Return move from twickenham trgony cornwall

Sunday 27 August 2017 10:28

Question: How often do you do a return move from twickenham to trgony cornwall

Answer: Out of our fleet of removal vehicles we have five long distance long distance vans. Each week we normally two or three of them are in the London area that can carry out return loads to Cornwall. We offer one-way mileage for moves into Cornwall, to load Wednesday for delivery Thursday or to load Thursday for delivery Friday. The saving to you will be around 500 to 600 against a move at the beginning of the week. Something for you to discuss with your solicitor when arranging a completion date. To get a guide price please see our removal price calculator, link on the home page. We can now offer you a video survey. This is really easy, using an App through your smart phone or tablet, it saves you time and a very actuate way for us to complete a survey. To request a video survey please email me at Thank you for your enquiry. Regards Mark Lane.

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