Asked response odd appreciate shred paper

Tuesday 01 August 2017 09:21

Hi, I asked a while ago but had no response... yet... An odd one I appreciate but... How much to shred about 50kg of paper and card, if brought to site and taken away again? I am making firebricks and due to ill health the shredding got away from me... If allowed I would even be happy ot put through the shredder... just need a good machine that will cope with paper to cardboard - only cardboard boxes ... thank you . Reply to andrew.caddy@btinternet.comThank you very much

Apologies that you didn't get a response the first time around, I expect my team didn't know the answer. The cost of shredding is

8 per bag with a 20Kg limit per bag, so you will need at least three bags. If you have cardboard you may need more. Our central shredding plant is in the Midlands. Once the contents of the shredding bags is shredded it goes through a second part of the machine and is compacted in 1 ton bales, so we are unable to give you the shredded paper/cardboard. Thank you for your question, sorry we are unable to help you with your request. Regards Mark Lane.

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