Bags shredding fill bags fill line

Saturday 30 May 2020 14:00

You say on your site that with the bags for shredding you can fill up to 20kg. But your bags have a fill to line, if I fill to that line I only have 10.8 kg in the bag, surely I should be able to fill the bag with more than 10.8kg as you state you can fill up to 20kg. I have packed my paperwork in a tightly as I can. Please can you advise. Thank you

Good morning. Some types of paper are more dense than others. The 20KG limit is set because my staff are handing hundreds of bags a day and on a health and safety grounds we have set this limit. If your confidential waste is lighter and you go over the fill up to line by a bit this is OK, although you need to allow plenty of room to place the confidential seal. If you don't leave enough space the seal can come off. Regards Mark Lane.

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