Confidential shredding bag

Friday 05 April 2019 15:59

How much a bag for shredding & is it truly safe.

The cost of a shredding bag is
9.50 inc vat. We will send to you a weaved shredding bag with a security seal Fill the bags with up to 20kg. Secure the bag with the security seal provided. Confidential destruction to BSEN15713:2009. We currently carry out confidential for various departments of the NHS, solicitors, accountants, financial advisers and of course many business and individual to list a few of our customers. Once the documents are shredded you can go to our website and enter the security seal number with your postcode and then you will be able to print a certificate of destruction. I hope this gives you the confidence in us to order a shredding bag from Britannia Lanes, here is a link Sorry for the delay in my reply as I have been away from the office. Regards Mark Lane

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