Contacting quote lease days move month

Monday 09 July 2018 11:38

Hi there, before contacting you for a quote, lease can you advise on days you’re available for a home move this month? The move date is in the process of being arranged but could potentially be within the next couple of weeks. We’re in Clyst St Mary EX5 1DE and moving to Seaton EX12 2SF. We nee to move the contents of a ground floor 2-bed flat to the ground floor of the new property. Easy on-road parking at both ends - Seaton location also has private driveway access. Thanks, Mat

We have over 30 vehicles operation out of Cornwall Devon & Somerset so to give you the availability over the next month would be a massive task and of course changes all the time. The first thing is it a local move or a long distance UK move. How large a vehicle do you need will it be a one day or two day move? I think the best thing would be for you to contact us and we will arrange a surveyor to come and see you, to discuss your move in more detail calculate a volume and give you a quotation. It is quite busy in July and we have very little left for the last week of July because the schools break up this week. I hope this is of help regards Mark Lane

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