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Friday 04 June 2021 14:05

Please can you contact us by email so that I can send you our detailed inventory, for a quote to move us from Monbahus 47290, France to Cornwall. We haven’t found a rental yet so will move in with family in Pelynt, PL13 and put everything into YOUR storage units in Truro... I have tried several times to fill in your online form but it fails at the inventory stage, sir some reason it just won’t work? But if you can please let me have your email I will forward you our list... Plus photos if you need... Thank you Lolly and David Furze

The best email address to use is She will give it to one of the surveyors to quote. Currently we are getting a Britannia sister company to bring the consignments into the UK for us as we have been unable to get a French agent to clear customs. Have you completed the Transfer of Residence form (TOR1) so you don't have to pay Vat and Duty. Currently it is taking 10 to 15 working days for the GOV department to process and return a Unique Reference number that we will need to clear customs. There us a link to this form on our website I see that you have submitted the service specification form. Regards Mark Lane.

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