Household furniture container storage size

Friday 30 August 2019 22:55

Do you have household furniture container storage and if so what size and how much are they?

If you are looking at us to carry out the removal, we have 250cuft wooded storage containers that are fork lifted on and off our vans and then stored inside our purpose built storage facility. The cost inc vat is
16.00 per week, per container. Alternatively if you are looking to carry out your own move we offer a self storage option of internal storage units. They start at 25sqft which is like a large cupboard to to 180sqft which is the size of a large single garage. We also have drive up units which are insulated. The come in three sizes 160sqft (the same size as a 20ft shipping container) 80sqft and 53 sqft. For more information on the cost, please see the self storage section of our website, where you can see what is available and the cost per week. Thank you for your question. Regards Mark Lane.

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