Move contents shipping container contents back

Friday 18 January 2019 07:47

Hi there I am looking to move the contents of a large shipping container (contents of a 2 bed home) back to our house. The distance is not great (Redruth to Falmouth) but I was recommended you by a friend as they said you would take stuff to the correct rooms etc when unpacking. Could you please give me an approximate quote for this service? Note I am currently in NZ and so phonecalls to discuss options are tricky to arrange in the first instance. Many thanks Thomas

We would be more that happy to help you with moving your items from Redruth (storage) to Falmouth if you have a look at our website and there is a removal price calculator which will give you a guide price. There is a new version of the site going live over the weekend. You say the items are in a large container, is this a 20ft or a 40ft container and as a percentage how full is it. Also can you confirm that the access in Falmouth is OK for a large van and if the distance to carry is less than 20M, also are there are any outside steps. You can reply to me direct if that is easier Regards Mark Lane

Thanks for your question.

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