Moving packing video survey remember said

Friday 03 July 2020 14:22

Hi There, your moving me on Tuesday and I am packing myself , when we did the video survey i remember you said i could leave clothes in the chest of drawers, something was said as well about the clothes hanging in the wardrobe but i can\'t remember exactly what it was - is there a special box they can get transferred into - is this something that i\'d need to pay extra for and organise before hand or should i just put the clothes in black bags/Suitcases? Many thanks

Hi. Any unbreakable items can be left in drawers and the crew will take some or all the drawers to move the item of furniture. The only exception to that rule is bed drawers need to be emptied as the bed are packed on their ends in the van. The crew will bring wardrobe boxes for any hanging clothes, there is no charge for this. I hope the packing is going well and we will look forward to seeing you on Tuesday. Regards Mark Lane.

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