Moving truro from shrewsbury upright piano

Tuesday 29 August 2017 18:51

We are moving to Truro from Shrewsbury and have an upright piano that needs two extra men to take it to the second floor. The stairs are carpeted and are wide with a slight curve. There is a full landing on each floor. How much would you charge for the two extra men to join two more men to move the piano?

I am presuming that the piano is going on the second floor at the delivery address in Truro and the piano is part of a household move. To answer your question I could do with knowing more about the rest of the move. The reason I say this is that many moves will have a third man to help with the delivery. If this is the case then we would only need one more man and while he was there he would also assist with moving the rest of the items into the house, reducing the overall time to deliver. Our basic labour rate is charged out at

21.00 per hour plus vat. 2 men x 2 hrs x

21.00 + vat =

100.80 + transport

48.00. Total

148.80. Although for the reasons already stated in reality the cost is likely to be a lot less. We can offer to carry out a video survey. This is really easy, using an App through your smart phone or tablet, it saves you time and a very actuate way for us to complete a survey. If this is of interest to you please let me know I hope this is of help regards Mark Lane

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