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Tuesday 26 January 2021 14:04

Self Storage Please could you advise the following for the Exeter Self Storage:- 1) What is the minimum letting period? 2) Are units cleaned prior being let? 3) Is there a stair access? 4) How far is it from the parking area to the 1st floor storage units? 5) What size lock will I require? Many thanks. Kind regards Duncan

1) The minimum storage period is 4 weeks.

2) Yes we have a cleaning regime throughout the day.

3) Yes there is a staircase but more importantly a goods and passenger lift.

4) You can park outside the main storage access door. It is then approximately 10M to the lift or staircase.

5) A standard size lock will be required something you would use for a shed. In our shop we have different locks available to purchase. All of our units have individual door alarms, plus we have a full monitored building alarm.

Please call Rob Parr the Exeter self storage manager on 01392 494966 for additional information or to arrange to view the facility.

Regards Mark Lane

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