Take items plymouth corvid lockdown

Sunday 24 January 2021 11:04

Can i take items to plymouth with corvid lockdown

This is the latest information we have received from BAR British Association of Removers

Update 13th January 2021

Further to speculation across the media over the last few days with regards to a possible lockdown of the home moving market, we have literally just received the following update directly from MHCLG.
Let me reassure you, that we have no current plans to close the housing market.
We currently have no plans to close the housing market

it would only be closed if the Prime Minister decided it was the right thing to do.

During the first lockdown people were still able to move where it was reasonably necessary. The housing market was the first sector of the economy to open back up in May 2020.

We feel it is important to make people aware that closure is a possibility, to encourage all parties to build flexibility into their moving plans.

It takes around 20 weeks to move home and one of the complexities in the process is agreeing a final date for the move, not least because in a long chain several households will be moving on the same day.

When agreeing these dates we want all parties to have had a discussion with their conveyancer about contingencies in case they need to delay or postpone their move. We don

t expect it to happen but it is practical for people to think about it in advance.

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