Man & Van VS Removals

29th May 2019

Man & Van VS Removals - what is the difference?

Man & Van. What is actually the difference? Why are Man&Van services so much cheaper than a removal service? Aren’t they both essentially some operatives with a vehicle? In short, the answer is no, the difference is as a big as the price difference.

If you just want someone to help you out for a few hours, help you reassemble some beds and transport the big items you couldn’t do by yourself, then a Man&Van service is what you need. For our service at least; you book the vehicle and the number of operatives you need and for how long you want them to be there.

If you want a someone to pack everything; provide covers for your mattresses and suites and complete the move without you needing to lift a finger, then a removal service is what you need.

A removal service will cost more because there’s often a lot more involved. You can’t insure your goods with our insurance during a Man&Van service, but you can with a removal. Wardrobe cartons, plastic covers and carpet protection will not be provided on a Man&Van service, but it will be on a removal service.
You also usually wouldn’t be able to book a Man&Van service for longer than 8 or 9 hours, whereas a big removal could last several days.

I would say that also there’s a bigger diversity when it comes to a removal service. A Man&Van service is often smaller moves within an hour drive between collection and delivery. Whereas with a removal service, you can get local removals, part-loads, long distance moves, European moves, second loads and international removals - all snug under the same umbrella of ‘removals’.

Whichever you choose, you will still get a good standard of service, but it depends on what you want out of the service and what type of removal you’re doing.