Naomi Cleaver Top Tips

10th August 2011

In the run-up to our interior design day with interior design guru Naomi Cleaver (15 October), and to mark one of the busiest house moving periods of the year, Naomi has put together some helpful hints on how to get your home in tip-top shape.

Whether youíre thinking about putting your house on the market, or youíve just moved in to your new home, hereís some quick inspiration to get you in the mood, and importantly to make sure you get the results you want.

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If thereís ever a time to redecorate the exterior of your home then now is it, during what we call our Summer. But please donít call your decorator and expect him or her to be able to start in a couple of weeks. The best ones will need at least a couple of monthís notice, if not more, though they will be worth the wait.

Isca Decorators of Exeter are just finishing up on my own Devon home and Adrian the boss man is reassuringly meticulous, as well as, and inevitably, up to his eyes in work.

If you canít wait, or simply want to decorate yourself, then here are some of Adrianís "top tips":

- Make sure you decorate in the dry, but donít apply paint when itís too hot as the paint can dry the instant you apply it, ruining the finish.

- Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.....for a truly professional and enduring finish.

- Use the correct product. Adrian swears by the Dulux Weathershield range.

And finally, a tip of my own: do use tape to protect those parts that you donít want to be splashed. I am always amazed by even professional painters and decorators who donít do this Ė and who then have to spend hours, even days, at their own expense while they clean up, at least if itís one of my projects. Frog Tape is perfect for the job.

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