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Pet Transport

There are many global companies that specialise in pet transportation. Here at Britannia Lanes we recommend Pet Air UK.

When moving we understand that there is a lot to consider, especially the transportation of your fluffy, feathery or scaly family members! As one of the UK’s leading companies in pet transportation, Pet Air UK can provide a service that best suits you. They have dedicated vets who are there to comfort and enable safe transportation for your pets. Pet Air UK provide a range of services including a door-to-door service, documentation such as export and import permits vaccinations, bookings of flights, suppling of approved travel kennels and quarantine facilities.

How to get started

Complete the form below. The best advice we have for you is to get everything arranged with plenty of notice. In the UK we are very fortunate that the majority of the world allows us to travel with our companions. Although, there can be complex import requirements that must complied with. These may take several months to arrange.


Some questions frequently asked by customers regarding pet travel:

Q) Can my pets be on the same flight as me?
A) It is possible for your pet to be on board the same aircraft. Your pets can travel unaccompanied, but there must be an arrangement to collect from your final airport destination after any quarantine period.

Q) Can my pets travel in the same cabin as me?
A) Whilst in-flight and to ensure your pets safety and wellbeing, pets will travel in a specially designed livestock cabin. These cabins are generally located towards the back of the aircraft. They will be fully pressurised and heated in the same way as the cabin for the passengers on board. However, not all aircrafts have been designed with this feature, so please clarify with your chosen airline before you book your flight. Pet Air UK will be able to advise suitable airlines and book the flights for your pets. The exception is for registered guide dogs and assistance dogs; they are permitted to travel with their owners in the cabin of the aircraft with UK, European and most international air carriers. They will provide floor space in an adjoining seat or across the bulkhead, usually at no additional cost.

Q) Will my pets be held in quarantine and for how long?
A) Some countries have a mandatory quarantine period for all livestock arriving at the airport. The time period varies from country to country. Pet Air UK will arrange the quarantine facility, which will normally be in the airport. After the period of quarantine, you will be able to collect your pets from the quarantine facility or Pet Air UK can deliver your pets to you.

Q) What documentation will I need for my pets?
A) The required paperwork may vary depending on the country you are travelling to. Most countries require: import/export permits, vaccinations, health certificates etc.

Please note that if you are traveling through other countries to reach your destination, you may also be required to follow their import requirements in addition to the requirements of the county of destination.

Please complete the form below to get a quotation based on the type of pet and destination.

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