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Self Drive Important Information

Fully Inclusive Rates

Britannia Lanes Self Drive rental rates are fully inclusive of third party insurance and VAT.

Driving Licence

Drivers must be between 25 and 75 years of age and able to produce a full, valid, UK, EU, USA, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand driving licence held for at least twenty four months. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that he/she has the appropriate driving licence for the type of vehicle rented.

Drivers must not:

Spent convictions may be disregarded.

Drivers must not have had insurance:

Drivers must not have been involved in more than one road traffic accident, whilst driving, within the past 3 years

Drivers must not be involved in any way with:

If you hold a photocard type driving licence or an older paper driving licence, you will be required to provide your National Insurance number to complete a driving licence validity and endorsement check at the time of rental commencement. Due to recent DVLA changes the paper counterpart that accompanies the photocard driving licence is no longer valid or legal.

To be able to hire a 7.5 ton vehicle you must have held a full UK drivers licence (category C) prior to 1997 or hold a valid LGV licence, for further information please contact the relevant branch.

Young Drivers

Drivers aged between 21-25 years are now permitted to rent our self drive vehicles for an additional surcharge of £15.00 per day. Drivers over 21 can drive our small van or panel van providing you have held your licence for 1 year, or you can drive our luton van providing you have held your licence for 3 years. The insurance excess is £1,100.00 and cannot be reduced by taking our excess reduction waiver.

Rental Documents

The rental voucher must be presented when picking up your rental vehicle. We cannot be held responsible for rentals rejected if a voucher is not presented. You should retain your rental documents for a minimum of 28 days after returning home.


All hirers/drivers must be able to produce two forms of identification, a recent utility bill or bank statement dated within the last 60 days along with your driving licence.


All clients must produce a valid credit, switch or debit card in the name of the hirer or driver and be present at the time of collection of the rental vehicle. The deposit for a small, panel or Luton vehicle is £200. The deposit for a 7.5 ton vehicle is £250.00. A cheque or cash is not accepted for the deposit payment.

Insurance / Excess

Insurance excess on all vehicles is £800.00. You have the option to reduce the excess on your hire vehicle at a cost of £20.00 per day, this reduces the excess to £200.00 (£250.00 for 7.5T) or at a cost of £30.00 per day, will reduce the excess to £0.00 and cover tyre damage and windscreen damage. This is payable at the time of collecting the rental vehicle.

Additional Services

Additional Drivers are charged at £5.00 per day, after the initial 14 days additional drivers are free. If you require additional drivers, they must be present at the time of hiring and are subject to the same restrictions as the main driver. This is payable at the time of collecting the rental vehicle.

Mileage Allowance

On all rentals there is an inclusive mileage allowance of 100 miles per rental day (e.g. if your rental is for 3 days, your inclusive mileage allowance would be 300 miles for the length of your rental). If you exceed your inclusive mileage allowance you will be charged at the end of your rental for any excess miles driven. The current rates are 0.10p per mile for all vehicles up to 3.5t maximum weight and 0.15p per mile for all vehicles with a maximum weight above 3.5t.


All amendments must be submitted in writing or by email to the relevant branch. Amendment notification must be made more than 72 hrs prior to the commencement of the vehicle rental. An administration charge of £5 will be made per amendment plus any difference between the new daily rental rates.


All cancellations must be submitted in writing or by email to the relevant branch. Cancellation notifications sent outside normal working hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) shall be deemed sent at the date and time they are opened on the next working day. When notification is more than 72 hrs prior to the commencement of the vehicle rental a refund less 30% will be made. When notification is less than 72hrs but more than 24hrs a refund less 60% will be made. Notification less than 24hrs or failure to show will result in no refund given. Britannia Lanes Self Drive will not refund any unused rental days.

Provision of Vans

Please note that we can refuse to provide a vehicle to any customer who is, in our opinion, unfit to drive or does not meet eligibility requirements. In such circumstances your contract with us will terminate immediately, and Britannia Lanes Self Drive will have no further liability to you.

Van Type / Suitability

Britannia Lanes Self Drive is unable to guarantee a particular make or model of van. The van shown on your voucher is for guidance only and may be substituted for an alternative, similar or upgraded van (at no extra cost). Britannia Lanes Self Drive are constantly updating our fleet, therefore we may hold two different models of the same vehicle including an older shape if the manufacturer has recently updated the look of the vehicle. Britannia Lanes Self Drive is unable to guarantee which shape of vehicle you will receive.

Mechanical Difficulties

In the event of mechanical difficulties / breakdown you will find the details of the breakdown provider applicable to the type of vehicle you have hired on the reverse side of the Terms and Conditions document. This paper document will be issued to the person completing the rental agreement at the time you collect the vehicle. Britannia Lanes are not liable to you for delays, losses, liabilities sustained by you (including but not limited to replacement vehicle and rental fees), accommodation, indirect or consequential loss (including loss of profits), however caused during the agreement or at anytime thereafter.


In the event of an accident involving your rental vehicle, it is important that details are reported to us within 24 hours. You must also complete an accident form by the end of the rental period. Local police should also be notified in the case of accidents and a signed police report obtained. Full details of third parties should also be obtained. You should retain copies of all rental documentation in the event an insurance company is involved.

Congestion Charging

You must pay for any vehicle movement within the CCZ, if you fail to pay, TfL will send a Penalty Charge Notice. You will also be charged an Administration Fee of £20. Further details may be obtained from Transport for London's website: www.cclondon.com.

Low Emission Zone (LEZ)

It is your responsibility to inform us 10 working days before the commencement of the vehicle rental that you intend to travel inside the LEZ, We will then supply you a LEZ compliant vehicle. If you do not advise us that you intend to travel inside the LEZ you are responsible for any charges, if you fail to pay, TfL will send a Penalties Charge Notice. You will also be charged an Administration Fee of £20. Further details may be obtained from Transport for London's website: www.tfl.gov.uk/roadusers/lez

Traffic Offences

An Administration Charge of £20 + VAT will be levied per parking offence plus the excess Parking Charge or Any Penalty Charges for Speeding/Road Traffic Offences (Including Bus Lane Offences) and any other Traffic Infringement charges.

Border Restrictions

All rental vehicles are only to be driven within UK mainland.

Driver CPC

Under a new European Union Directive, professional bus, coach and lorry drivers need to hold a Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competency) in addition to a vocational driving licence. Any drivers of lorries over 3.5t must obtain a Driver CPC. See exceptions below.

Drivers do not need a Driver CPC if the vehicle they drive:

Excluded Costs

Personal accident insurance.

General Information

All bookings by our clients are subject to our Terms and Conditions. A copy will be given to you at the time you complete the Rental Agreement. You can access an electronic format of the Terms and Conditions by clicking on this link: Van Hire Terms and Conditions. No other terms, conditions and warranties, expressed or implied by law, custom and course of dealing shall form part of any contract between Britannia Lanes Self Drive and our clients except for those terms implied by law whose application is mandatory. The client acknowledges that in making a booking with Britannia Lanes Self Drive they do so only on the basis of the material contained in the rental agreement and the terms and conditions. All other statements or representations made by Britannia Lanes Self Drive, its employees, or agents are of no effect unless confirmed by us to the client in writing. You should satisfy yourself that you understand and agree to its terms and conditions as you will be subject to and must comply with these terms. If the person completing the rental agreement is not the hirer, this person is ether the permitted driver or acting as the agent of the hirer. Britannia Lanes Self Drive reserves the right to levy any government increase in VAT that may be introduced after the production of this document. Britannia Lanes Self Drive liability to the client for any loss, damage, injury or accident whatsoever, whether arising out of negligence, breach of contract or any other cause shall not exceed £1000 or twice the invoiced price of rental of the vehicle concerned (whichever is greater) provided that nothing in this clause shall limit Britannia Lanes Self Drive liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. Britannia Lanes Self Drive will not be held responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs, causing wilful damage, off road driving or driving without due care and attention. The client will indemnify Britannia Lanes Self Drive against this in respect of such claims, this list is not exclusive.